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Jet Ski Ride

Jet skiing in Andaman is an exhilarating water adventure that allows you to explore the pristine turquoise waters surrounding the islands in a thrilling way. It involves riding a personal watercraft, commonly known as a jet ski, which is a small, motorized watercraft designed for speed and agility.


Sea karting is an exciting water activity in Andaman that combines the thrill of jet skiing with the comfort of a small, stable boat. It involves riding in a two-person watercraft that resembles a go-kart and is designed for both speed and stability on the water.


Snorkeling in Andaman is an incredible underwater adventure that allows you to discover the mesmerizing marine world of the Andaman Sea. It involves swimming near the surface of the water while wearing a snorkel mask and breathing through a snorkel tube, which allows you to observe the vibrant marine life and coral reefs below.

Glass Botom Boat Ride

A glass-bottom boat ride in Andaman is a unique and convenient way to explore the mesmerizing underwater world of the Andaman Islands without getting wet. These boats have transparent sections or panels on their hulls that allow passengers to peer directly into the crystal-clear waters below, providing a fascinating view of the marine life and coral reefs.

Coral Safari

A coral safari in Andaman is an exciting underwater adventure that provides a unique opportunity to explore the magnificent coral reefs of the Andaman Islands. Unlike traditional snorkeling or scuba diving, a coral safari involves being on a semi-submersible vessel that allows you to observe the vibrant marine life and coral formations while staying dry.

Scuba Diving

Scuba diving in Andaman is an exhilarating and immersive underwater experience that allows you to explore the vibrant and diverse marine life of the Andaman Sea. It involves descending into the depths of the ocean while wearing specialized equipment that enables you to breathe underwater and move freely in this alien world.

Sea Walk

Sea walking in Andaman is a unique and exciting underwater adventure that allows you to explore the underwater world without the need for diving or swimming skills. It's an excellent option for those who want to experience the beauty of the ocean but may not be comfortable with traditional snorkeling or scuba diving.


Parasailing in Andaman is a thrilling water sport activity that allows participants to experience the stunning beauty of the Andaman Islands from high above the crystal-clear waters of the Bay of Bengal

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