About Us

We are a group of driven entrepreneurs, steered by the passion of travel and the notion of showcasing the serenity of our homeland in the most delightful and luxurious way possible.

We Grew up in these islands, lived and breathed it’s unadulterated air and have travelled it’s length and breadth, from Indira point to saddle peak, from hut bay to barren island. We take immense pride in what the nature has to offer and are striven to amaze you with it.

Our budding entrepreneur, one of the youngest pilot for indigo, has travelled across the globe and is well aware on how to cater to the wanderlust in you, in whichever way you desire. He has seen everything that the world has to offer and still his heart resides in these emerald islands which itself is a testimony to the beauty of our homeland.

We pride ourselves in being conscious of what the different sections of the tourist community demands, youngsters, couples, girl gangs, bachelors and family alike. We are committed to your security and well being and will help you stake a claim in our pristine waters.

We are in possession of two boats at our disposal,one of which is a glass bottom and we can ensure that you have a personalized experience on them. We also are confident in arranging amenities as per your request since we strongly believe comfort and luxury gels well with expedition. We also have a homestay property in our kitty, located in Port Blair which has been functional since November of 2019. We again emphasize on the combination of affluence and warmth through this, where you can wake up overlooking the waters and the jetty and then dine with our family who’ll make this entire experience as homely and snug as you can imagine, like you are visiting your out of town uncle and aunty.

We look forward to hosting you and your family and being a part of your Andaman dream. We assure you, you’ll think of us when you think of Andaman. Your best vacation and us are just a click away, so let’s get clicking.